Welcome to the Jason E. Collinge website

This is the official website dedicated to the art, both written and visual, of Jason E. Collinge.

Written Work

Here, you will find information about Jason's written work, his poetry, short stories, essays, and novels, etcetera.

Visual Work

Here, you will find examples of some of Jason's visual artwork.  You may also discover some information concerning some of the pieces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Invariably, visitors to the site have questions.  Here, you will find some answers to a few of the most common inquiries.

Regarding Inquiries

When you have questions

Have questions?  If you wish to contact the author/artist, please be kind and be concise, as Jason receives a plethora of inquiries.

What Jason Does

A few things that keep the Author/Artist busy

  • Painting & Drawing Original Works
  • Writing Poetry
  • Writing Novels & Short Stories
  • Co-Authoring Novels & Screenplays
  • Editing Academic Papers
  • Peer Reviews
  • Teaching Creative Writing
  • Teaching English as a Second Language
  • Presenting & Public Speaking
  • Readings

What People Are Saying

Comments on Jason's Work